The Road Home’s Message about the New Resource Centers

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December 12, 2016 The Road Home is committed to providing emergency shelter in the best possible locations in the City and County. We will continue to work alongside Salt Lake City and our other community partners to meet the demand for shelter and speed up the pathway to housing. We are a participant in the Collective Impact process and will continue to be a part of this discussion.

The Road Home has been at the forefront of housing solutions in Salt Lake City and County. We have focused our growth efforts on evidence based and best practices including permanent supportive and rapid rehousing and will continue to do so.

While the City and County plans are being developed and until the need is met in a new way, we will continue to provide shelter at the Salt Lake Community Shelter location. However, The Road Home is much more than the shelter located on Rio Grande Street. We continue to operate the Midvale Shelter for families, as well as our housing facilities including Wendell Apartments and Palmer Court.

The need for shelter continues to be great in our community. We are operating at high demand for shelter during the winter months and are in much need of support.

Salt Lake City will always need a crisis response system, and that system will be focused on ending homelessness as quickly as possible. The new Resource Centers will be central to that effort. With a significant investment in a variety of affordable and supportive housing and the creation of a pathway to access that housing, together we can change our service delivery in Salt Lake.

We thank our donors and volunteers for their ongoing and continued support. And, we are grateful to the city and our partners for their support as well.

 More thoughts from Salt Lake County Collective Impact

The below statement is from a Salt Lake County message to the Collective Impact Steering Committee following the announcement of the four new resource centers.

In light of that announcement and related media coverage, we want to assure Committee members that our shared outcome to provide emergency shelter and services to those who need it when they need it remains the same. As we have discussed during the last several months, we aspire, eventually, to reduce demand for the current community shelter facility at Rio Grande to zero and then close it, but we will not arbitrarily close it and there is no specific timeline for closing it. Evidence that demand has been reduced must be collectively and publicly demonstrated before any such conversation can occur. A key immediate strategy for attempting to reduce demand, and for demonstrating success or failure, is Salt Lake County’s Pay for Success project focused on persistent homelessness being undertaken in partnership with The Road Home. Along with establishing a strong coordinated entry system, this project is at the heart of our action plan’s next steps. We fully anticipate an ongoing and very productive partnership with The Road Home.

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