Christy’s Journey Home

Christy lost her job a year ago and as a result she and her children quickly lost their home. During this time Christy was also trying to recover from a respiratory illness that made her feel ill most of the time and made it difficult for her to work. With nowhere else to go, Christy turned to The Road Home for help.

Christy worked hard with her housing case manager at The Road Home to get everything together to move back into housing. She was quickly approved for our agency’s Rapid Re-housing Program which assists families with deposit packages and limited case management support. Once she was approved, Christy worked with The Road Home’s housing locators to help her find an apartment. Christy’s case manager also connected her with the Department of Workforce Services who helped her with necessary paperwork so she could receive Social Security Disability to help supplement what she pays in rent.

Christy and her family are now happily living in their apartment. Christy works small jobs to ensure she can always pay her rent, continues to work on her health, building great relationships with her landlord and neighbors and most importantly is making plans for the future!

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