A Message from Our Executive Director

Our agency has continued its work with city and county efforts to transform the homeless service delivery system. Part of the transformation involves the selection of four sites within Salt Lake City to be used for facilities that will accommodate approximately 150 people daily. By the time you receive this message, these sites may have been selected and their locations made public.

At the county level, Mayor McAdams and his team have continued to work on the broader issues of Collective Impact. Collective Impact is a process that helps stakeholders in the homeless service delivery network redesign our collaborations to maximize the effectiveness of our services for those whom we serve.

The legislative and the executive branch at the state level are also at the table. The state has set aside some funding to assist in the development and operations of the new facilities proposed by Salt Lake City.

We are undertaking two efforts that directly relate to these efforts. First, we are working with Cowboy Partners to develop 65 studio apartments with supportive services for people who have been living in homelessness for far too long. These newly constructed apartments will be located adjacent to a larger development at the site of the former Public Safety building in downtown Salt Lake.

We are also finalizing a partnership with Salt Lake County to help approximately 80 individuals annually to move out of long-term homelessness and into housing with supportive services. One of the unique dimensions to this effort involves a rigorous evaluation component provided by the University of Utah. This research will allow us to evaluate our progress, what is working and where we can improve. Our team is very encouraged to be able to take part in this innovative partnership.

I would also like to take this moment to recognize our friends at Volunteers of America, Utah for completing their Homeless Youth Resource Center. Their effort has been a labor of love that is now providing safe harbor for young people who had none. I want to thank the dedicated team at Volunteers of America, Utah for the futures that they are helping to reshape.

As I am writing this, it is bitterly cold and last night’s snow is still on the ground. Yesterday, because of the support of the Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Biskupski, we were able to serve 52 men in our Community Winter Overflow shelter at St. Vincent de Paul Center. At the same time we are serving 29 families, including 89 children, 187 single women, and 560 single men at our Salt Lake Community Shelter and Resource Center. With the need for shelter and supportive services being greater than ever, we are grateful for the incredible support of our community.


Matthew M. Minkevitch, Executive Director – The Road Home

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