A Message from Our Executive Director

On behalf of all our dedicated teammates at The Road Home, we are humbled and grateful for the tremendous support you provided us through the holiday season. As it has always been, contributions from our community empower us to serve those who turn to us in their time of need. Donations through the holiday season provide as much as half of the support necessary for our team to provide emergency shelter and housing services annually. I would like to personally thank you for your thoughtful support of our agency’s efforts. You have saved lives and eased the suffering of so many people who are in desperate need. Thank you.

While discussion of smaller shelter facilities has occupied the public discussion, the number of people turning to the Road Home for shelter continues to grow. Last year, 8,077 people turned to our agency in need of shelter. That represented 858 more people needing our shelters compared to the prior year 2015 (7,219 people). This year, it is likely that we will provide shelter to approximately 8,900 people.

The growth in demand for shelter over the course of the past ten years has moved steadily upward. Over the past decade, the number of people our agency has served has increased steadily.

Here are the rates of increase in 2016 compared to 2007:

1. 317% increase in families served (2,679 individuals vs.roughly 642);

2. 167% increase in single women served (1,442 vs. 540);

3. 57% increase in single men served (4,108 vs. 2,614)

Currently, there are a number of concerned parties, including elected officials at every level of government, that are grappling with the challenges that are inextricably linked to addressing a new service delivery model in the face of growing demand. Continued population growth will also influence future service needs. A number of social issues that vex people in our society intersect on our streets, in our hospital emergency rooms, and in our emergency shelters.

As challenging as these issues are that our community faces, it is admirable and right that together we plan for new approaches to providing for the human service needs of those members of our community who are turning to emergency shelters for help. I am confident that each of us realizes that these issues are complex; I have faith that together our community can develop and implement a strategy that will improve the lives of those whom our agency serves. In doing so, together we will create a healthier community in which to live.

Thank you again for your faithful support.


Matthew M. Minkevitch – Executive Director, The Road Home

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