Andrew & Kiersten’s Journey Home

Andrew and Kiersten along with their three children were living happily in their home. Unfortunately, Andrew lost his job which caused the family to become homeless. At the same time Andrew’s mother was passing away and he left town to help care for her. Kiersten and her three children moved into shelter.

Kiersten worked with her case manager to get connected to resources such as Department of Workforce Services, client engagement, mental health, and housing. Andrew checked in with his family regularly and kept them updated on their grandmother’s condition. Within 40 days of Kiersten and her family coming to shelter, they were approved for housing and quickly moved into a place of their own.

Kiersten, Andrew and their three children are now living in their new home. Kiersten and Andrew are working diligently to save money and plan for the future. Their children are doing well in school, and the older children are working at part time jobs to save for their futures.

Kiersten still keeps in touch with her case managers to give them updates on her family and thank them for helping her family overcome homelessness.

* The names of the individuals have been changed to protect their privacy.

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