Seeking Property Owners

As part of an overall plan to invest in improving the homeless services system, State and local leaders have identified the Midvale Center as the single family shelter in Salt Lake County. To reach that goal, partners are moving forward with a housing based plan to move all families out of the Salt Lake Community Shelter by July 15th, 2017 and create space in the Midvale Center for newly homeless families. In addition, we are strengthening our ability to divert families from shelter and increasing specialized services such as employment, child care and transportation. This will allow parents and children housing stability and provide them with the services and resources they need to recover from crisis and become self-sufficient.

Partners include the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Shelter the Homeless, partners include The Road Home, Utah Community Action, the Department of Workforce Services, Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake, Salt Lake City Housing Authority, Utah Housing Corporation, and other family service providers.

The Road Home has identified 40 families that we will support in moving out of homelessness over the next six weeks. The Road Home will be using The State, County and City have identified new resources from the State, County and City to increase the housing location, rental assistance and supportive services needed to achieve this goal. After July 15th, we will need a sustained high level of resources to help families move out of shelter and into housing as quickly as possible.

We are seeking property owners and managers in Salt Lake County to partner with us in this effort to help house families experiencing homelessness. Participating families will be eligible for a variety of rental assistance and supportive services. Housing specialists and staff from The Road Home will work with landlords to provide information and ongoing support.

For more information, please contact Kevin Austin at The Road Home 801-819-7347.


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