A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Friends of The Road Home,

So far this year, the number of people turning to our agency for shelter remains at an all-time high. In addition to the 80 to 90 families who are staying at our family center in Midvale, an additional 20 to 30 families are staying with us in our downtown shelter on Rio Grande Street.

The Road Home, working in partnership with the State of Utah Department of Workforce Services, Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, and fellow service providers, are attempting to develop a housing strategy that will help families in three important ways:

1) Decrease the length of time that families are staying in shelter;

2) increase the rate by which families move out of shelter and into permanent housing; and

3) help families to stabilize in a way that helps reduce their chances of ever needing return to shelter.

As you may know, our team currently helps families move out of shelter through our rapid rehousing program. Through this program, our team helps families with rent for a few months until the family is in a position to make the rent payments for their housing. Our rapid rehousing efforts are useful for many families turning to The Road Home for shelter. Within the confines of existing funding, the rate at which families can move from shelter is not keeping pace with the number of new families arriving into shelter.

But there remains an opportunity to further develop our strategies to help families with more complex barriers to housing, by increasing the flow of rental assistance dollars for a greater number of families. Thanks to funding provided through the State of Utah, our team at The Road Home has an opportunity to reverse this trend and increase the rate of families moving into housing over the rate at which families are moving into shelter. It is a unique opportunity.

Our team, in collaboration with our partners is in the process of implementing this effort. If it achieves its potential, there will be more families staying in housing and fewer families staying in shelter. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our partners for working with us to achieve this goal. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our friends and supporters, who make our services possible. Thank you.


Matt M. Minkevitch, Executive Director – The Road Home

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