Spring Break Fun

During the first week of April, the children and teens staying at The Road Home’s Midvale Family Center with their families participated in many fun spring break activities. Our Case Managers organized fun activities for the kids such as playing games, doing crafts, and participating in a scavenger hunt. They also worked with community partners such as The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Drum Bus, and The Leonardo to provide activities that were fun and empowering for each child. These activities taught children new skills and provided ideas for what they could be in the future.

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art’s Art Truck made a stop with their traveling exhibit “whereABOUTS,” by Jaime Salvador Castillo and Michael Anthony García. This interactive installation investigates location, identity and community. The art teacher led the kids in an activity where they drew maps of the places most important to them. Each child learned about the value of community and more about being an artist.

Next, the Drum Bus visited. The instructor taught the kids how to drum through numerous drumming games. This fun activity gave the kids the opportunity to learn more about music and gave them insight to the lives of musicians.

The teens were able to take advantage of a donated field trip to The Leonardo museum. At The Leonardo the group was able to learn more about how science, technology, art, and creativity connect. They also explored exhibits about flight, technology, perception, and Utah inventions. This gave each teen the chance to learn how science, technology, art, and creativity can come together in a career.

During the summer, kids will continue to engage in programs like Boys and Girls Club, Camp Tuttle, and Girl Scouts. Through a new partnership with Top Golf, kids and teens will be able to visit, play, and learn more about golf.

We are sincerely grateful to each community partner, who help make school breaks and summer a great time for the children staying with their families in shelter.

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