Important Update from The Road Home

The Road Home meets July 15, 2017 Goal of Moving families from Salt Lake Community Shelter

The Road Home, is a non-profit service organization that provides emergency shelter, supportive housing and case management services for people in Utah experiencing homelessness. In addition to shelter, the Road Home provides mental health, employment and Veterans’ services, children’s programs and more, through community partnerships. We’re committed to ending homelessness through innovation, driven by our compassion for the people we serve.

Our organization has served the community for nearly 95 years, and has been helping families move out of homelessness and into housing for many of those years. Our mission is housing- focused. Our goals to reduce time spent living in the crisis of homelessness and to support families with active housing search, subsidies and housing stability services, are consistent with the state’s desire to reduce the number of shelter beds for families and to increase housing resources. With new financial support from the state, we developed a targeted housing plan which included different levels of support based on each family’s individual needs.

In May 2017, the State Homeless Coordinating Committee set a goal with The Road Home to move all families out of the Salt Lake City Community Shelter on 210 Rio Grande Street by July 15. Using this six-week window for completion, The Road Home immediately began the first phase of a housing-based process to move families from the Salt Lake Shelter. The state allocated $514,000 in federal funds to support the move, allowing The Road Home to hire six additional housing case managers and locators, and to allocate funds for housing.

The Road Home’s dedicated and compassionate team worked with exceptional diligence, and met the July 15 goal. From June 1 to July 15th, 42 families moved into one of The Road Home’s supported housing programs, the remaining families resolved their episode of homelessness through their own means with the help of The Road Home staff. During this time, 102 new families entered shelter, 29 families were diverted from coming into shelter and seven additional families were diverted post-entry.

The Road Home and our partners are committed to never turning away a family in need of shelter. If a family arrives at the Salt Lake Community Shelter after July 15, the staff will transport them to the Midvale Shelter or make other arrangements.

The demand for emergency shelter increases in summer, and this past week The Road Home provided shelter to 135 families (512 people) on its busiest night. The 300 beds in the Midvale Family Center consistently operate at or near full capacity, and the prospect of decreasing shelter capacity requires our community to increase the real number of affordable housing units and streamline the process for people to exit homelessness. The Road Home continues to advocate sustained community investment in deeply-affordable housing over the long term, to address one of the root causes of homelessness in our community.

In this process to move families from the Salt Lake Shelter, we have been in continuous, candid and thoughtful conversation with our government, funding and nonprofit partners. It is a significant step in changing the trajectory for improved service delivery and housing for people experiencing homelessness. The Road Home is extremely grateful to its dedicated staff who have committed their careers to helping end homelessness. And finally, we are grateful for the brave families who we help daily to overcome life’s hurdles and to find permanent, safe and affordable homes.

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