An Important Message from our Executive Team

Dear Friends of The Road Home,

Recently the Utah State Legislature conducted “A Limited Review of Three Facilities Operated by The Road Home.” This audit raised serious concerns as well as system level questions. We welcome the opportunity to learn from an outside perspective, and we are actively and quickly developing a plan to address the concerns raised in the audit immediately.

On May 23, 2018 we will be presenting these plans to our Board of Trustees for their approval. Every day we work in continuous improvement mode to make our systems and services better than the day before. For our part we have already implemented changes based on a few of recommendations, such as; completing and documenting staff and security building rounds every 15-30 minutes 24 hours per day, installing additional exterior door alarms, retraining all shelter staff on a thorough metal wanding and bag check procedure, and will continue to employ new comprehensive measures to ensure we are serving to the best of our ability.

Our team is committed to providing a refuge for the most vulnerable and distressed in our community. This mission brings tremendous challenges, which our team faces and overcomes every single day. You are a vital part of that mission. Because of your support we are able to meet all who walk through our doors with compassion, while providing the vital services necessary to help them move back home.

The limited review raised many safety concerns, which we address daily and take seriously. We work to make our shelter and housing facilities a place where people can turn for refuge and feel safe. Safety is a top priority. We are grateful to the many community partners, Speaker Greg Hughes, and the Legislative Audit Committee members for their offer to serve as an ally to make our community safe.

We assume full accountability as we move forward to improve our service to the community. We also are compelled to acknowledge that the issues facing us daily reflect a deeper societal need. The Road Home is deeply committed to working with our partners at all levels to support a change that would help prevent homelessness and reduce the number of people seeking shelter. First and foremost, a steep increase in affordable housing in our community. A system that would divert those who have income to the help they need before they resort to emergency shelter. Sufficient treatment and supportive housing for those with deeply ingrained mental illness and debilitating substance use disorders. Affordable assisted living for people who are elderly, frail and disabled. Regardless of the challenges ahead, we look forward to working with our community partners to alleviate these needs.

We want you to know that our commitment and dedication to serving the most vulnerable in our community has not changed. The Road Home will be there for anyone who needs help. Your support helps saves lives.

Thank you for your continual compassion towards the people we serve!

Click here to read our response to “A Limited Review of Three Facilities Operated by The Road Home.”


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