A Message from Greg Johnson, President Elect, The Road Home Board of Trustees

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I want to extend my gratitude to all who have stuck by and continued their support of The Road Home after The Office of the Legislative Auditor General for the State of Utah released its report about The Road Home last month.

As a not-for-profit organization with the mission to care for those in our community currently without a home and no where else to turn, I am sincerely grateful for the compassion and support shown by our friends and community partners who understand serving the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community comes with complications.

In responding to the auditors’ report, I can assure you The Road Home’s Board of Trustees and Management have been taking the audit findings very seriously. We have been working diligently to strengthen security, improve procedures to prevent drug use in our facilities, and help ensure people feel safe when they turn to us in their time of need. With the support of tremendous government, law enforcement and community partners whose expertise and resources have informed and enabled needed improvements, The Road Home’s Management has developed a security plan to enhance safety and more effectively curb substance abuse on our properties. Additionally, with the help of generous supporters, all needed repairs identified in the auditors’ report have been completed.

As changes to security practices are established, The Road Home team will continue to compassionately serve the people who come to us for services regardless of the mental health, behavior, or substance abuse issues some individuals may face. Our objective is to help as many people as our resources will allow, while doing so in an environment where people can feel safe.

Bringing people in from the streets to connect them with needed support and services, which will enable them to reclaim their lives is an effort we cannot do alone. We look forward to continued collaboration with Shelter the Homeless, local and state governments, social service organizations, community leaders, and friends like you to better serve the individuals and families in our community experiencing homelessness.

On behalf of everyone at The Road Home, we thank you for assisting us in our mission to transition those we serve from homelessness to a life of self-sufficiency.


Greg M. Johnson
President Elect
The Road Home Board of Trustees

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