Success Story: Jack

One year ago, Jack came to Utah and began to utilize the local homeless services, including the Emergency Services (ES) department of The Road Home.  The staff came to know Jack as they visited with him each day though they never knew much of his life prior to coming to Utah.  One day, he applied for travel assistance through the Emergency Services department and told us his story.  Three years ago, he ran away from his home in California and began to travel along the West Coast.  He eventually ended up in Utah and got involved with drugs.  After a year of heavy drug use, he decided it was time for him to clean up and return to his family.

He tried several times to reach his family, only to find out that they had moved.  The only way he could think of to contact them was to call a restaurant in his hometown that was owned by family friends.  The Emergency Services staff helped Jack to look up the contact information for this restaurant online and called the restaurant on behalf of the client.  Upon calling the restaurant, they found out that Jack’s sister and brother-in-law worked at the restaurant and were thrilled to hear from their brother.  He had been reported as a missing person three years ago and they had been searching ever since to find their brother.  The ES staff were pleased to help Jack to return to his family and have a fresh start in life.

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