AmeriCorps – VISTA

Our AmeriCorps VISTA’s Justin, Nina, and Andrea, work with our team to strengthen our programs so we can help more people on their journey home. We are sincerely grateful for their service! Below is a little more about each of our remarkable teammates.

Justin Todd: AmeriCorps VISTA

I decided to join AmeriCorps because I have always been curious about the issue of homelessness, but never actually had an opportunity to work in an environment that directly addressed homelessness. Being a VISTA has provided a unique opportunity to simultaneously get a bird’s eye view of systems and work within them to improve an organization’s long-term capacities to operate. I decided to come to The Road Home because I was living in Chicago this past winter, looking for a way to try out a new city (SLC), and I saw an ad for the position. My favorite part of working here is the uniqueness of the challenges faced by residents and staff on a daily basis. I want people to know that homelessness is a temporary situation, but it can happen to anyone. There is a large segment of America right now that is one unfortunate incident or one missed paycheck away from becoming a vulnerable population. AmeriCorps serves a critical role in helping out these vulnerable populations.


Nina Keehan: AmeriCorps VISTA

I decided to join AmeriCorps because I was looking for a job that could fill my gap year between moving back to the states from a job abroad and starting nursing school. I also wanted to work in a field I was passionate about. I was so lucky to find a position at The Road Home and work with such amazing people every day! I love being a part of the community’s larger goal and working with a purpose larger than myself. I decided to come to The Road Home because the position really appealed to me, as I wanted to continue working in public service. I had no previous experience working with the homeless population, but I wanted to spend my AmeriCorps service learning and working in a new environment. My favorite part about being at The Road Home is the sense of shared purpose among everyone who works here! It has been a pleasure to serve with so many amazing people every day, and I think it’s important that we view homelessness as a community-wide problem that requires the collaboration of many community partners to solve.


Andrea Rane: AmeriCorps VISTA

I joined AmeriCorps because I wanted to put myself in a place where I would be working with a marginalized population that would otherwise be invisible to me. I enjoy being an AmeriCorps Member because I love the opportunity to get involved with an issue that I have never worked on before. I love that The Road Home puts people first and foremost above everything else. I also love that the people at The Road Home never give up on anyone. From being in AmeriCorps, I’d like people to know that becoming a member is a great way to learn about and help tackle tough issues. I would also like people to get to know people that are experiencing homelessness and be willing to listen to their stories.


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