A Message from Our Executive Director – August 2018

This summer our agency has been actively engaged in a number of discussions about how to develop innovative strategies for serving the people who turn to us in their time of need. From elected officials and their teams at the state and local levels to our fellow service providers and others who share our commitment to continuously improving our community, we have been part of a collaboration intent on helping people to heal and to move forward.

We are profoundly grateful to the scores of supporters and partners with whom we work who empowered our team to serve over 8,000 people last year. We are particularly grateful to our friends at Shelter the Homeless, in partnership with the State of Utah, who helped our agency launch a security pilot program earlier this summer. The success of our project led to the State of Utah funding the program year round. As a result, our dedicated team at The Road Home can focus on providing Trauma-Informed Care, a recognized evidenced-based practice, while private security provides a more secure refuge for the people turning to us for shelter. 

Additionally, thanks to our partners at the Department of Workforce Services, our team will be adding new case managers and working in partnership with our friends at First Step House and Volunteers of America to provide additional services to people staying in our shelter. This approach will couple skilled housing navigators with people in need of housing to improve a person’s chances of finding affordable housing opportunities that are otherwise very few and far between.

At The Road Home we stand for humanity over hardness. Compassion and open hearts over heartbreak. We look forward to the upcoming months and collaborating further to continue to serve and improve lives. And we have you and our many partners to thank for making this possible.

- Matthew Minkevitch, Executive Director, The Road Home


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