Innovative New Programs

Subsequent to meeting all requirements of the state audit, The Road Home has continued to work diligently to further improve the safety and security of our facilities. Following are some highlights of the progress.

The Road Home was awarded funding from the State Homeless Coordinating Committee to help us further improve the safety and security of the individuals and families we serve. The new funding and partnerships have enabled us to hire more case managers, bring on clinical support from Volunteers of America, Utah and First Step House, create programs targeting people with behavioral health needs, and increase security and safety within the shelter. In addition, Shelter the Homeless was able to hire additional private security to enhance safety during shelter check-in.

As part of these efforts, we have designated a specific dormitory for individuals who are participating in or actively seeking treatment for substance use disorders. They will be supported with case management, clinical services and peer support. In addition, we have designated a separate space for people with ongoing behavioral health issues and shelter violations. These individuals will be assertively engaged with services and support to ensure a safe facility. We will collect data regularly to analyze successes and challenges of this new, tiered dorm system and provide a regular report to our stakeholders.


The safety and security of all who use our facilities and services is of utmost importance to us. We have revised our safety and check-in procedures, re-designed and enhanced staff training, and created an in-depth client input plan.

These improvements have been specialized for each location including the downtown shelter, Midvale Family Resource Center, and Palmer Court.

These are just a few examples of the new implementations underway and in the works, designed to improve our ability to serve those who seek our assistance as well as the community.


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