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In Honor and Memory

Thank you so much to all of you who donated in honor or memory of your loved ones!

Below is a complete list of each esteemed individual from October 1, 2016 - December 14, 2016.

In Honor of:

Al Eggert
Allan Fechser
Ashley Lund
Bodi Meidell & Winry, Renton, Holland & Baby Green
Brett Christensen
Brewer Boys
Brian R. Ellison
Clara Elnicky
Daniel Copper
Derek and Miriam Gersdorf
Dewsnup, King, Olsen, Worel, Havas, Mortensen
Dick Clark
Elle, Lucy, and Houston Smith
Gary I. Johnson
Gina Barberi
Guy A Mortensen
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Isabel Gilchrist
Jason Talley
JJ Hutchings
JoAnn Taylor
Kelsey Mortensen
Kendall Hutchinson
Linsey & Bronson Smith
Lissa and Sean Kelly
Matt Alder
Merlin L. Taylor
Paul and Ruth Palmer
Ralph and Carole McKay
Rebecca Wray
Robyn A Hutchinson
Stephen Throndsen
Steve Sabo
Suneel Sarma
Terry Camp
The Green's, Gleed's, Smith's, and Meidell's
To all who seek shelter and are lost
Whitney, Ryan, Krie, and ZeKai Spencer
William Kaye
Wilma Odell
Physicians at South Valley Women's Health Care

In Memory of:

Alexander Groen
Ali, Mehdi and mozhgan
Brett Frakes
C. Gayle Banyai
Cheryl Gocel
Dr. Stanley R. Child
Floyd Galway
Gabe and Mary Jane Gabardi
Glenn Tanner
JJ Hutchings
John and Jean Theiler
Kay Williams
Margaret Duder
Orletta Kunz
Ramola Jones
Spencer Clark
Susan Di Giacoma
Wade R Haun
William and Kazuko Brewer