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In Honor and Memory

Thank you so much to all of you who donated in honor or memory of your loved ones!

Below is a complete list of each esteemed individual from September 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019.

In Honor of:

Abbie Bankhead
Al & Joan Eggert
Alana Robinson
Alex Ruiz
Amy Durham & Lowell Durham
Andrew Hein
Annie & Owen
Barbara and Bob DeBry
Betsy Folland
Bob & Patti Chauza
Bob and Joan Horton
Bob and Joyce Thomas
Bonnie Bennet
Carl & Terri Jense
Carmel Clermont
Cassandra Zeeshan
Chris Lema
Cindy Ouzounian
Clint Eastman
Cynthia-Margo Wong
Dane and Carly Tidwell
Daniel Brian Adams
Darwin Webb
David Andrews
David Barrus
Democratic Party
Derek Naylor
Edward Sharp
Every boy and girl who needs a little Christmas cheer
G. Michael Fitz
Ginny Kincaid
Greg May
Harris H. Simmons
Helen Brinton
Holly Link
Jay Facer
Jay Gleason
Jen Eyre
Jessica, Cassie, Cody, Justin, Catrina, Katie, Colby and families
Jett and Zoey
Jodi Norris
Josh MacPherson
Julia and Amy
Julia Nicholas
Justin Bogenscutz
Karen Weed Barker
Kate Park
Kathy Barnott
Katie Brooks
Kelly Johnson
Kierty Sholly
Kotter/Campbell Family
Kyle Bergeson
Linda and Kenny Lockaby
Lonny Gleed
Lori Moore
Louis & Ethel Herrera
Maddie Crowley
Madi and Mathew
Madilyn Murray
Matthew M. Minkevitch
Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake
Michael and Linda Swenson
Nancy R Dean
Nicholas, Susan
Noah Christian
Pat Huff
Patrick Harmon
Paul and Kim Waugh
Paul Deakins
Ronald Ruff
Ruth Hodges
Ryan Hess
Sandra Rodas
Sarah Kurrus
Sarah Lund
Sean Brearton
SLC Sprung Sales Team and Sprung Structures support of Homeless and Navigational Centers
SLCC OSP - Ann, Kim, Rohmee, Emilee, Nicole, Jill & DIanne
Sophia Green
Steve & Chris Callihan
Steve Kogianes
Summer Palmer
Susan Palmer
T. Gomez
The Armstrong, McDade, and Odom Family
The Blair Family
The Lee Family
The Mortensen Family
The Rachel Anderson Family
The Road Home children who came through my classes and taught me more than I could ever teach them.
The Sweet and Sumbot Families
The Vietnam Veterans
Thomas Skinner
Thomas Young
Timmy Chou
Timothy Albe
Toni and Steve McKinnon
Tony and Karen Thompson
Tonya Williams
Utah State Board of Education Admin Team
Vandel Family
Wayne & Diane May
Wendy Frame
Zander Olson

In Memory of:

Allyson Fluckiger Lyle
Andrew James Valdez
Andrew May
Art Lafeber
Becky Lutz
Ben Tolley
Bernie Ure
Betty Coleman
Betty Kingford
Bob Nutter
Boyer Jarvis
Brett Christensen
Briggs Christopher Zendejas
Bryce Moss
Caden Cavin
Cami Shepher
Carol Clawson
Christopher Mitchell
Corinne Oldroyd Richey
Dan Donahue
Dee Murphy
Diane Q. Mansfield
Elizabeth R. Pollak
Floyd Galway
Gary C Hallett
Gary Johnson
Gayle Banyai
George & Eedel Curtis & Family
George Greenwell
Grandma Pat
Guyla Johnson (Lewis)
Holly Siddoway
Jack and Marilyn Clarke
Jack Stewart
Jeanne Buzzell Mason
Jim Ewers
Joan Burgon
John Fairbanks
Johnny S. Carrillo
Laila Serguievski
Leonora Palad
Lorna Wiece
Mark David Reeves
Mark Purdy
Quinn Cowles
Rachel Lufrano
Ralph LeMaster III
Ralph Taylor
Randy Schelble
Raquel Condie
Robbie & Sherri Neeleman
Roberta Paul
Robin Groff
Russell Hunt
Ruth & Muriel Mercer
Sandra Hayward
Sean Brearton
Stanley J Beckstrom
Steve Holbrook
Susan Cannon
Susan Laage
Sylvia Orton
Tammy Young
Tennille Weber
Teri Timpson
Thomas Kurrus
Thomas Stanfield
Trent Florence
Vernon Kekahuna
Zane James