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December 25, 2015
Panels Meet to Discuss Homelessness
Desert News reports on a Homeless Steering Committee Meeting. View More >
December 22, 2015
Holiday Season is a Critical Time for Combating Homelessness
Matt Minkevitch speaks about the importance of community support for those experiencing homelessness during the holidays. View More >
December 21, 2015
The Road Home’s 2015 Holiday Broadcast
The Road Home's Annual Holiday Broadcast was December 21st and 22nd. Please click on the links below to see recent news reports on the event. View More >
December 14, 2015
Need for Homeless Services Rise After Snow Storm
Deseret News reports on the increased need for shelter and services after a snow storm. View More >
December 10, 2015
How Utah is Helping People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness
NPR and Kera News report on Utah’s Housing First Model. View More >
November 23, 2015
The Road Home’s Community Winter Shelter Set to Open This Week
Desert News reports on the opening of the new Community Winter Shelter. View More >
November 22, 2015
Panel Advocates a Decentralized Approach for Combating Homelessness
A Salt Lake panel has proposed a plan for smaller shelters spread around the Salt lake valley. Please click on the links below to see recent news reports on the proposal. View More >
November 21, 2015
Pilot Program Assists Families in Need of Housing
Deseret News reports on the Salt Lake Community Action Plan. View More >
November 16, 2015
Maine Looks to Utah’s Model for Ending Chronic Homelessness
WCSH reports on how the state of Maine could benefit from emulating Utah’s approach to chronic homelessness. View More >
November 12, 2015
Counties Other Than Salt Lake Should Share Responsibility for Homelessness
KSL reports on a meeting of the Homeless Services Site Evaluation Commission. View More >
November 5, 2015
First Lady Encourages Landlords to Assist in Ending Homelessness Among Veterans
First Lady Michelle Obama Asks Landlord to Join the Fight Against Homelessness View More >
September 22, 2015
Utah Organizations React to Los Angeles Declaring State of Emergency Over Homelessness
Deseret News reports on Utah organizations reacting to the state of emergency declared in Los Angeles over homelessness. View More >
September 19, 2015
Assisting Homeless Population Requires Multifaceted Approach
Palmer De Paulis and Gail Miller speak about how aid for the diverse homeless population requires a multifaceted approach. View More >
September 19, 2015
The Road Home Mural Project
The Road Home Mural, created by volunteers and residents is completed. Please click on the links below to see recent news reports on the project. View More >
September 11, 2015
Utah Lawmakers Spend a Day With Homeless Population
Deseret News reports on a group of Utah lawmakers who visited organizations who assist people experiencing homelessness. View More >
September 8, 2015
Seattle Looks to Utah’s Model on Assisting Homeless Population
Seattle Weekly reports on other states looking to Utah as a model for helping their homeless populations. View More >
August 28, 2015
Aeon Examines Utah’s Housing First Program
Aeon reports on Utah’s Housing First Program and speaks about other state’s approaches to homelessness. View More >
August 27, 2015
AmeriCorps Celebrates 50 Years of Service
The Deseret News reports on the 50th anniversary of AmeriCorps VISTA and the volunteers’ efforts to assist homeless veterans. View More >
August 27, 2015
Housing First Provides Fresh Start for Homeless Individuals and Families
The Daily Utah Chronicle reports on how the Housing First program affects residents of Palmer Court, The Road Home’s permanent supportive housing unit. View More >
August 26, 2015
New Homeless Youth Resource Center Begins Construction
Deseret News reports on the construction of a new Homeless Youth Resource Center View More >
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