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September 16, 2019
Fox 13 Now: Newest Homeless Resource Center to Open in SLC
The Gail Miller Resource Center is set to open soon in Salt Lake City. The Center will serve 160 men and 40 women. View More >
September 13, 2019
AP News: Former Homeless Couple Gets Apartment, Adjusts to New Life
A Salt Lake City couple has found success from finding housing through a voucher after being homeless for two years. View More >
September 7, 2019
ABC 4: The Second of Three New Homeless Shelters Opens in SLC
The Gail Miller Resource Center opened on Friday, September 6, and will serve 40 women and 160 men. View More >
September 5, 2019
Utah Policy: Salt Lake Chamber Honors Business and Community Leaders
Greg Johnson, the President of the Board of Trustees for The Road Home, received an award from the Salt Lake Chamber for his leadership in the community. View More >
August 23, 2019
Bitterroot Magazine: Salt Lake Fought Crime and Drugs for its Homeless Population, With Little Plan for Housing
Operation Rio Grande was successful at ending the open-air drug market in the Rio Grande neighborhood of Salt Lake City, but has done nothing to solve the lack of affordable housing in the city. View More >
August 20, 2019
Salt Lake Tribune: Women Moving into New Homeless Center
Women have started moving into the Geraldine E. King Women's Resource Center operated by Volunteers of America. View More >
July 31, 2019
Real Estate News Utah: Difference in New Homeless Centers
The first of the three Homeless Resource Centers, the Geraldine E. King Women's Resource Center operated by Volunteers of America, is ready for clients to begin moving in within the coming weeks. The Center's resources and services are highlighted including diversion services from Utah Community Action, three meals a day, and case management among many other services. View More >
July 31, 2019
Salt Lake Tribune: South Salt Lake Resource Center Delay
The Men's Resource Center operated by The Road Home faces a setback due to funding issues. Shelter the Homeless is behind on paying construction costs. As a result, Shelter the Homeless has applied for a short-term loan in order for construction to continue. View More >