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September 26, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Groups call for long-term efforts to stabilize Utah's unsheltered families during pandemic
Families experiencing child homelessness are at increased risk of trauma during the pandemic. Experts recommend investments in permanent supportive housing, affordable housing, and special access to school resources. View More >
September 21, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Homeless service providers throughout Utah see spikes in people seeking help as the pandemic wears on
State homeless providers, especially for domestic violence victims, are seeing an increasing demand for services. Shelters are at capacity, especially with social distancing. Funding will provide hotel vouchers for high-risk people. View More >
September 21, 2020 Advocacy Organization Urges Salt Lake City Mayor To Let Homeless Camps Stay Open During Pandemic
SLC Mayor Mendenhall plans to close and clean up homeless encampments and connect people to services; however, local and national advocates oppose clean ups to avoid COVID spread unless housing options are available. View More >
September 17, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Kip Yost: ‘Housing first’ is the best approach for everyone
Providing housing vouchers is an effective solution to homelessness. Housing First saves lives, money, and improves the community for everyone. View More >
September 16, 2020
The Daily Utah Chronicle: Pack-in of City Council Meeting Organized to Advocate for the Homeless Population in Salt Lake, Call on Mendenhall to Change Plans
Advocates oppose Mayor Mendenhall's plans to clean up homeless camps and increased policing of unsheltered people, calling instead on providing resources. View More >
September 15, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: New housing for the homeless opens in Salt Lake City, and it’s named after the state’s 'Mother Teresa’
Pamela's Place, named for advocate Pamela Atkinson, opens, a permanent supportive housing complex with 100 units for people formerly homeless. View More >
September 15, 2020
Deseret News: ‘The vision of Pamela’: 100 units of affordable housing open for Salt Lake City’s homeless
Pamela's Place, named for advocate Pamela Atkinson, opens, a permanent supportive housing complex with 100 units for people formerly homeless. View More >
September 10, 2020
Deseret News: Tent city? Tiny homes? What’s the solution to Salt Lake’s homeless camp cleanups?
Protesters oppose Salt Lake City's homeless camp clean ups, noting people have nowhere else to go. Potential solutions include tiny homes and legalizing camps. View More >
September 1, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Salt Lake City mayor shares winter pandemic plan
SL Mayor Mendenhall's winter pandemic plan includes funding to improve health care access, expand youth programs, aid people experiencing homelessness, help small businesses, improve internet equity, and provide rent/mortgage assistance. View More >
August 26, 2020 Salt Lake Co. Health Department says mask mandate is working
The mandate to wear masks in public spaces in Salt Lake County is helping to decrease the number of COVID-19 cases, according to officials. View More >
August 26, 2020 Salt Lake County steps up to help survivors of domestic violence during the pandemic
As the pandemic has spurred a rise in cases of domestic violence, Salt Lake County is giving $200,000 for service providers. View More >
August 15, 2020 $1 Million Grant Boosts Program To Help Veterans Keep Their Homes
The Road Home received a $1 million grant to help Veterans and their families out of homelessness. View More >
August 14, 2020
Deseret News: In our opinion: A fresh homelessness crisis looms in Utah. There’s no time for hesitation
A report shows no major improvements to the homeless service delivery in the past year. Now with the pandemic, issues may worsen: housing, evictions, and services are all a factor, and reliable data will be critical. View More >
August 13, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Jean Welch Hill: Work against homelessness has had an eventful year
Reviewing the past year of homeless services: partners have worked together despite capacity restraints at the new resource centers; improvements were seen in the point in time count; winter overflow options were expanded; so far COVID-19 positives is low. View More >
August 12, 2020
Deseret News: Report shows no major progress on Utah homelessness as COVID-19 impacts loom
Despite major shifts in homeless services the past year, the number of people experiencing homelessness remains roughtly the same for the past decade. The full effect of COVID-19 remains to be seen, and housing is a bottleneck. View More >
August 11, 2020 Local kids experiencing homelessness in need of back to school backpacks, clothes
The Road Home is seeking backpacks, school supplies, and new clothes for 200 children at the Midvale Family Resource Center through their Apple Tree program. View More >
August 6, 2020
ABC4: How the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting Utah’s homeless population
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to people experiencing homelessness, including limited public services and food; a cessation in volunteer programs; and educational disruptions for youth. Donations are a good way to help. View More >
August 5, 2020
Deseret News: Salt Lake Valley homelessness leaders making plans for winter in pandemic
Homeless service providers are preparing for potential winter capacity issues with pandemic restrictions. Options include providing up to 300 additional beds; accessing pandemic relief funding; providing hotel vouchers; and increasing housing opportunities. View More >
July 31, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s homeless providers prepare for winter problems that COVID-19 could exacerbate
Utah's homeless providers are planning for potential winter capacity issues that could be worse with COVID-19. They are considering: hotel vouchers; leasing existing buildings; acquiring a facility for long-term, permanent, or as-needed extra beds; continuing operation of a hotel; and maintaining a housing focus. View More >
June 18, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Michelle Flynn: Housing is health care. Housing ends homelessness.
With the pandemic crisis, we must continue to invest in affordable housing and new homeless service delivery, that requires more than the old model. Housing and healthcare are critically connected: we need one to have the other. View More >
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