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June 17, 2020
Deseret News: Unified police spend the day sprucing up facility for homeless single-parent families
Police donate service in upkeep to facility LifeStart Village for single-parent families that help them achieve housing stability. View More >
June 15, 2020
Deseret News: Woman living in homeless hotel gets 'gift of music' to lift spirits amid COVID-19 isolation
Woman living in a COVID isolation hotel receives a new ukelele, donated by Summerhays Music. SLCO has redeployed 200 employees on COVID front lines. View More >
June 11, 2020
Deseret News: Purple donates 100 newly developed mattresses to Road Home
Mattress Company Purple partners with Relief Bed International to provide 100 newly developed mattresses to residents at Palmer Court (formerly homeless). View More >
June 10, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: COVID-19 forces reduction, temporary closure of some homeless services in Salt Lake County, new data shows
Homeless service providers are reducing and adapting services due to COVID-19. People who are homeless more vulnerable to infection, have been infected at higher rates. Shelter the Homeless new ED Laurie Hopkins says Gail Miller center will be led by STH after July 1 until a new provider steps in, likely in September. View More >
May 24, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Commentary: Our strong partnerships have helped protect our most vulnerable
Strong community partnerships guide during COVID with 3 priorities: 1) protect elderly & vulnerable with Stay Home, Stay Safe Hotel; 2) Free COVID testing & resources for people experiencing homelessness 3) Outreach to unsheltered. View More >
April 23, 2020 Intermountain Healthcare adding testing services for people experiencing homelessness
Intermountain Healthcare is increasing COVID-19 testing services for people experiencing homelessness by providing medication, equipment, staffing, hospital stays, and meals. View More >
April 23, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah is giving homeless services $19 million to focus on emergency shelter
State funding of $19 million will be given to resource centers for emergency shelter, due in part to capacity concerns, undercutting funding for housing solutions and to areas outside of Salt Lake County. View More >
April 21, 2020
Daily Universe: Homeless housing and services altered because of COVID-19
Due to COVID-19, SL county opened a motel for high-risk people experiencing homelessness. Service providers are altering programs and procedures, like increasing seating space, staggering mealtimes, and screening/testing guests. Some providers have limited new guests and canceled non-basic services. View More >
April 21, 2020
Salt Lake Tribune: Leading Utah gubernatorial candidates want a 'homeless czar'
Utah governor candidates support appointing a homeless czar to oversee services, though other experts cite loss of local control. Candidates discussed affordable housing and mental health/addiction services while praising the new resource center model, while some are concerned about lack of beds and police force. View More >
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