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The Road Home's innovative housing programs have an 87% success rate.

The Road Home Housing Programs

Most of the families and individuals who come to us in need of shelter leave quickly without additional housing services. A small number of the people we serve need more assistance. The Road Home manages several different types of supportive housing programs with the purpose of helping people obtain housing and stabilize so they do not fall into homelessness again.
Our team provides housing assessments, unit location services including landlord engagement and education, and participant-tailored support. We provide housing services to approximately 500 households at any given time.
Our Housing Programs rely on collaborations with other housing agencies and service providers in the community. Our case managers are experts in linking families to resources in the community in order to create a successful support network.

Rapid Rehousing

Helping families move out of shelter and into housing is part of The Road Home's Housing First philosophy.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Palmer Court is one example of how The Road Home provides permanent supportive housing to families and individuals who need comprehensive services to overcome homelessness.