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Permanent Supportive Housing

People overcome homelessness as quickly as possible when we provide housing support and supportive services in housing when needed. This Housing First philosophy is the core of The Road Home’s programs. For that small number of families and individuals who have a greater need for supportive services, The Road Home manages several Permanent Supportive Housing programs including Palmer Court.

Palmer Court is a 201 unit apartment complex for formerly chronically homeless families and individuals.  Pathways is a scattered site housing project for chronically homeless individuals. Chronic Homeless Supportive Housing (CHSH), a project for chronically homeless individuals with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

Success through Permanent Supportive Housing

Maxine is 72 years old with short salt and pepper hair. She has an adult son and two grandchildren who live out of state. She loves the history channel, sewing, and she is a skilled bargain hunter. Until April 26th of 2012, Maxine was also chronically homeless.
Maxine first came to The Road Home in February of 2006. Over the course of the next six years Maxine would spend a sporadic 231 nights in shelter, frequently moving from state to state in search of stability. In February of 2012 Maxine again made her way to The Road Home. Our team quickly realized Maxine’s need for intensive case management services and help managing her mental illness. Maxine was referred to our Chronically Homeless Services and Housing program (CHSH). The CHSH team immediately connected Maxine to mental health services offered at Valley Mental Health and began the process of helping her access permanent supportive housing.
In April, Maxine moved into her own studio apartment at Palmer Court where she pays a portion of her Social Security Income income toward rent and has access to supportive services on site. CHSH services continue to reach her in her new home as well.
During a home visit last week with a Clinical Social Worker from our CHSH team, Maxine showed off her new sewing machine and shared that she was planning to attend a quilting class. Her son is planning to visit her in the near future.
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people we serve.