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Housing Programs


Rapid Rehousing Program for Families

Approximately 50% of families we serve use emergency shelter services for a very short period, resolve their own homelessness and never return to shelter. Every family staying in shelter is offered a Rapid Rehousing package which consists of: certain types of barrier debt elimination, application fees, a deposit package and an average of three months of rental assistance paired with light touch case management. Each month of the program, Case Managers assess families for housing stability and connect households to supports that will optimize stability. If families need assistance to stabilize beyond the initial three to four months, we are often able to extend our support from month to month. An extension of support is determined by whether or not the family will become homeless the following month without our assistance. We expect that every family will be successful in Rapid Rehousing. Since 2009, we have served over 3,000 households with the Rapid Rehousing and Progressive Engagement model.

Eligibility: Families experiencing literal homeless (living in an emergency shelter, the streets or a location uninhabitable by people). 


Coordinated Impact Project

Coordinated Impact Project is a multi-agency team designed to wrap additional supports around families in Rapid Rehousing that indicate a higher level of need. The team consists of staff from Department of Workforce Services, Utah Community Action, Odyssey House as well as support from the Division of Child and Family Services. The team provides case management, direct referrals, and supports that are tailored to each household’s needs and barriers. If a family was unable to stabilize during their first attempt in Rapid Rehousing, they are connected to the Coordinated Impact Project team prior to being re-housed. If a family is unable to stabilize after 2-3 attempts in Rapid Rehousing, they are referred to a Permanent Supportive Housing opportunity (click here to read more).

Eligibility: Families that are participating in Rapid Rehousing or are literally homeless (living in an emergency shelter, the streets or a location uninhabitable by people)


Supportive Services for Veteran Families (Rapid Rehousing for Veterans)

In 2012, The Road Home was awarded a Supportive Services for Veteran Families grant. Since then, our grant award doubled, and we have worked in a community collaboration to end homelessness for all Veterans. RRH packages are offered to individuals and families with heads of households that have Veteran status. As with RRH for families, all Veteran households are offered the same package of assistance: barrier debt elimination, a deposit, pro-rate, up to nine months of rental assistance and case management. As part of a community wide partnership including outreach agencies, other shelter providers, public housing authorities and resources from Department of Veteran Affairs, we know we will realize our goal to eliminate homelessness for Veterans.

Eligibility: Veterans, and their families, that are literally homeless. 

Click here to see the infographic from the National Alliance to End Homelessness about why the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program is important.


Housing Not Jail; Pay For Success

Housing Not Jail is a new Pay for Success model program aimed at serving single adults that are persistently homeless (90-364 days of homelessness). The program begins January 2017 and will finish in 2022. Housing Not Jailis the first randomized control trial for Rapid Rehousing for individuals experiencing persistent homelessness in the world. The data produced by the project will inform housing models and programs everywhere. Individuals who meet the persistently homeless criteria will be randomly selected to participate in the program and will receive a Rapid Rehousing package of support: barrier debt elimination, security deposit and three to nine months of rental assistance and case management. The program has enhancements such as available behavioral health services and employment support. This program will address a long-standing need in our community to assist individuals that do not have a history of chronic homelessness.

Eligibility: Single men and women that are literally homeless, have a history of persistent homelessness and are randomized into the treatment group for participation. 


To learn more about Rapid Rehousing:

Click here to see the video about why Rapid Rehousing Works, created by the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Click here to see the infographic, created by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, on the components of a successful Rapid Rehousing program.