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Group Opportunities

We have some great ways for groups to get involved which don't require an ongoing commitment or orientation.

We ask all one-time groups to confirm with us the week before each activity. Because groups will on occasion cancel, we are willing to create a cancellation wait list for groups that would like to come and do a dinner or kid's activity sooner, and that might be able to come in on short notice. Please contact a Volunteer Coordinator if you would like to be added to the wait list.

*Please note: WE ARE CURRENTLY BOOKED ON DINNERS AND KIDS' ACTIVITIES AT THE MIDVALE FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER INTO JUNE OF 2020. You are welcome to book dinners and kids' activities in our Midvale Family Center up to 6 months in advance.  Thank you!


Help Serve a Meal to the Men

This opportunity invites individuals and mid-sized community groups to volunteer at our facility by helping with meal prep and service for up to 300 men, Monday-Sunday. Listed below is an overview of our program and helpful tips to prepare you for this engaging service opportunity:

Lunch - Volunteers arrive at 12:30pm, meal service begins at 1pm, and clean up begins at 2pm

Dinner - Volunteers arrive at 5:30pm, meal service begins at 6pm, and clean up begins at 7pm

Meal volunteers must be at least 12 years old. To ensure the privacy of the people we serve, photos/videos with shelter guests are not permitted at any time. If you need to cancel your shift, please do so at least 48 hours in advance. Please sign up for your preferred date and meal via the following links:

January-**February Sign-Up

*Note: Times are subject to change and we will notify you in advance with any updates.

**The February meal serving times have changed to the following:

  • Lunch - Volunteers arrive at 11:30am, meal service begins at 12pm, and clean up begins at 1pm
  • Dinner - Volunteers arrive at 4:30pm, meal service begins at 5pm, and clean up begins at 6pm


Prepare a Dinner for the Families

*Note: All dinner opportunities at the Midvale Family Resource Center are BOOKED into JUNE.

Shelter dinners are a hands-on experience. Every group who has come has asked to come back. It is both humbling and eye opening. When providing shelter dinners we do ask groups to provide all of the food and paper products needed for your particular dinner. We ask that the food be pre-made and brought to the shelter ready to serve. Please plan on serving approximately 200 individuals. We ask groups to arrive at shelter at 6:00pm to set up and ready to serve by 6:30pm. The Health Department is no longer requiring permits, however they are strongly recommending that all food be prepared in a non-residential kitchen. For more detailed guidelines on preparing meals for our families and individuals please see the Health Department's Food Safety GuideWe do not offer dinners on the weekends. 


Donation Drive

There is a continuous need at our shelter for donated items. Please click on the links below to see the different items we are in need of:

In-Kind Needs List

Hygiene Kits

Shelter Guest Move-Out Kits

Sack Lunches

Eagle Scout Projects

Urgent needs are posted on our website. Groups making a donation to The Road Home do not need to make an appointment or schedule their delivery in advance. Please feel free to deliver your donation any day of the week between 8:00am & 7:00pm. Shelters & Locations. If your group would like a tour of our shelter when you deliver your donation, please contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators.


Kids' Activity 

*Note: All kids' activity opportunities at the Midvale Family Resource Center are BOOKED into JUNE.

The Midvale Center playroom is available typically on Wednesday and Thursday nights, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. or 7:00-8:00 p.m. to schedule group activities with the children. There should be a minimum of 10 volunteers but not to exceed 20. All volunteers must be 12 or older. Groups should plan on 30-40 children ages 5-12. In the past, groups have decorated cookies, brought in craft projects, made presents to give their families during holidays, and much more!


Donate a Dinner for Families

Want to donate a meal but do not have time to serve? We are looking for one meal a month that is dropped off for 75 individuals in families attending our monthly parent support group. We run this support using a specific model which helps parents get together to discuss strategies to strengthen their family and community.

Dinner ideas include pizza, sandwiches, salads and sides like fruit or cookies, etc. We are in need of dinner donations on the following Tuesdays:

  • More dates to come!

Please reach out to if you are interested!


Sack Lunches 

Thanks to the overwhelming demand to provide meals to shelter residents, we are now offering the opportunity for groups to make sack lunches for our pre-school age children. We are currently requesting 120 lunches for the Midvale Family Center. Due to security and confidentiality concerns, groups will not be allowed to distribute the lunches to the individual children. The Health Department is no longer requiring permits, however they are strongly recommending that all food be prepared in a non-residential kitchen. For more detailed guidelines on preparing sack lunches for our pre-school aged children please see the Health Department's Food Safety GuideWe need sack lunches Monday through Friday. Click here to learn more about our sack lunch program.

Please reach out to to schedule.



We always need small groups of 10 or less to work in our warehouse at our South Salt Lake Men's Resource Center and at our Midvale Family Center, for 2-3 hour shifts. You will assist warehouse staff in accepting donations from the public, organizing clothing bins and identifying needed items and sorting through new donations to replenish our supplies. Volunteer opportunities are available daily from 9am to 3pm at Midvale. All volunteers must be 12 or older and wear closed toed shoes. We ask for a 2 hour minimum commitment

For more information about this volunteer opportunity at the Men's Resource Center and the Midvale Family Center, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators at



Holidays are a great time to get involved, be creative, and do something really meaningful. In the past, we have seen volunteers create fun children's activities, collect donations, and much more. If you have an idea for a great holiday volunteer experience, please contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators. 


Special Events

We always need large groups of volunteers for special events. Each year we have several special events including Comcast Cares Day in the spring, The Great Annual Salt Lake Chili Affair in the fall, Candy Cane Corner and the Holiday Broadcast during the month of December. These events are the perfect opportunity for businesses or other large groups to volunteer, experience the event, and help The Road Home raise vital funds to support the programs and services we have to help people overcome homelessness. Please contact a volunteer coordinator for more information about each of our special events and how your group can help.


Be Creative

Design your own project. We are very flexible and try to accommodate any ideas!

All volunteer group leaders must go over a Boundaries and Confidentiality form with their group and return it signed.


Please schedule your group activity by contacting one of our Volunteer Coordinators at